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The result of Big C 21st Anniversary promotion is here
24 JUN, 2019

The lucky winners of our Anniversary are finally revealed! Are you one of them? Let’s find out! READ MORE


15 MAR, 2019

Only at Big C: collecting Big C stamps to buy the American KitchenAid knives at unique prices. READ MORE

23 APR, 2019

Experience the authentic flavor of Vietnamese coffee as well as participating in interesting activities only at Big C’s Coffee Beach Bar in Nha Trang from 26/04 to 01/05. READ MORE

19 DEC, 2018

“Prices are always low” – the campaign that applies low prices always on daily items has received many feedbacks from Big C’s customers. Read now to discover! READ MORE

01 MAR, 2019

No more waiting! Here come the names of our luckiest players of The AR Tet game “Find the piggy family”. READ MORE

18 APR, 2019

Big C is pleased to announce our winners of the game “Vietnamese people love Vietnamese products”. Could it be you on the list? Let’s see the result now! READ MORE

22 FEB, 2019

Our daily unconscious habits can silently reveal a lot about ourselves. Let's see what your habit says. READ MORE

14 DEC, 2018

Only on 16/12/2018 to receive Big C’s special shopping vouchers to celebrate Vietnam’s achievement at AFF Cup READ MORE

19 FEB, 2019

Double happiness, more savings, more convenient! Enjoy Nguyen Kim weekly hot prices now at Big C! READ MORE

16 APR, 2019

Discovering the latest trend of sharing coffee stories and a huge coffee beach bar event which is ideal for this 30/4 - 01/5 holiday! READ MORE

08 JAN, 2019

Enjoy your inexpensive Tet shopping at Big C with the special 10% cashback from SeABank! Available from 22/12/ 2018 – 04/02/2019. READ MORE

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