Lose weight after Tet: an apple a day cuts the belly fat away
15 FEB, 2019

Worry about weight gain after Tet? Here are your good, quick, safe weight loss tips with apples! READ MORE


09 NOV, 2018

Great tips for raising your kids taking advantage of grocery shopping. They help to increase your children acumen and family bonding. Discover now!   READ MORE

05 NOV, 2018

5 powerful shopping tips that help you save a lot for your grocery shopping. They are highly effective when shopping at Big C. Read now to discover! READ MORE

25 OCT, 2018

To celebrate the World Pasta Day 25/10, Big C will help you make the delicious pasta with beef sauce for your children. READ MORE

19 OCT, 2018

Single ladies have no boredom on 20/10 - Vietnamese Women's day. In fact, you have plenty of things to make it well-spent. Let’s read now and achieve with Big C!   READ MORE

15 OCT, 2018

Here are 6 essential steps for winter skincare, applicable no matter what your skin type is! You can also find many beauty promotions at Big C's Beauty Fair - It made my day. READ MORE

05 OCT, 2018

On the occasion of Nguyen Kim's Vietnamese Women Month, Nguyen Kim has the strongest promotion, best prices and gifts ever for customers to enjoy.  READ MORE

04 OCT, 2018

Funny Personality Quiz: Don’t you know that your choice of dairy product can tell the surprising truth about you? Take this quick funny quiz (*) with Big C to find out.   READ MORE

25 SEP, 2018

Fresh fruit contains not only vitamins but also calories that can affect your weight. Let's discover how many calories are there in 6 common fruits with Big C READ MORE

21 SEP, 2018

Mid-autumn festival plays a vital role in Vietnamese culture. To celebrate this meaningful tradition, we have many activities and good food to enjoy.  Let's see how the locals do it and enjoy the mid-autumn party like a Vietnamese!  READ MORE

19 SEP, 2018

As part of its golden birthday celebration, Nguyen Kim offers you a variety of special deals and discounts, including from banks & MasterCard. READ MORE

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