5 useful kitchen tips that help you cook better
NOV 2018
5 useful kitchen tips that help you cook better

>>> Save more time, money and keep food fresh longer by applying these 5 useful kitchen tips.

Peeling tomatoes in 30 seconds

Peeling tomatoes can be a bit time-consuming if it comes to a large amount and you have tons of other things to do for the meal. The tip is to create an X-form cut at the base of the tomato, then submerging them in boiling water for about 20 seconds. Take them out afterward and submerge again in cool water. You will find the peeling is much easier and faster.

No more slipping cutting board

The counter can get wet during your cooking, causing the cutting board slipper. To prevent the danger, you can place a wet towel underneath. Remember to wring out as much water as possible. Avoid thick towel as it is too spongy and make the board rock.

Potato – the soup saver

Not only does it taste good, the potato is also a good soup saver. If your soup is too salty, put some slices of potato into it to absorb the salt. It will give you back the balanced taste.

In the case of diluted soup, just grind some potato and add to the soup. It will be more condensed.   

Refresh stale bread with celery

If you buy bread home and not immediately use or have some bread left after the meal, all you need to do is to put some celery in your bread bag and store it in the fridge. The bread will absorb the humidity of the celery which helps to maintain the freshness.  

Keep lemon fresh after cut

To fresh lemon that hasn’t been used up, it usually goes rotten quickly after cut. Let’s add a few drops of vinegar to the cut side of lemon. Cover it with the plastic wrap and store in the fridge. Thanks to it, the lemon will remain juicy and fresh for longer time.

In case you just need a few lemon drops, instead of cutting, let’s use a chopstick to create tiny holes in the lemon. Squeeze to let the lemon juice out, then wrap carefully with plastic wrap for later use.  

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